Frequently asked questions

What is raw milk? 

At Tory Hill House we adhere to strict hygine standards and regular pathogen testing to provide milk straight from our small herd of lovely cows. The milk we produce has not been heat treated or pasteurised which means that it is "raw" and still contains bacteria that are killed off in the pasteurisation process.

We are committed to high levels of hygiene and only bottle and sell milk that we drink ourselves. 

People have found raw milk to be easier to digest and it's often associated with improving gut health. A number of high-end restaurants and customers also find it makes excellent yoghurt, cheese and ice cream! We strongly advise you do more research about the health benefits some people have found from drinking raw milk. 

Why choose organic?

The world is facing a biodiversity and climate crisis. We, believe that organic farming without chemicals or pesticides is the first step in helping to heal nature. However, the pair keep pushing to ensure that they don't just uphold organic principles but excel at them. We are in a two year organic conversion and will be fully organic certified in January 2024. This means that we are currently adhering strictly to organic regulations, using zero chemical fertilisers and pesticides. We are inspected by the Irish Organic Association and the Department of Agriculture. 

What can I use raw milk in?

Raw milk is delicious in tea, porridge and desserts! Basically the list is endless. It can also be used to make delicious coffee. 

Customers have also told us that it is great for making kefir, yoghurt and brilliant in protein shakes. 

What do you mean by 'farming for nature'?

Farming these days is often associated with the destruction of the environment but we want to show that both farming and nature can work together in harmony. 

We have built three wildlife ponds, planted 1,000 oak trees, and have hedging around each field, eight acres of wetland reserved for birds and wildlife, five native Irish beehives, two Barn Owl boxes, two Kestrel boxes, two Swift boxes and one Otter Holt. They also have lots of future plans and every year come up with new ways to support the local ecology. We actively want to take on the fight against nature and biodiversity loss and make sure that the farms are part of the solution to the current crisis facing our climate and natural world.


When can I collect delicious raw milk from the farm?

You can pre-order online or email 

Fresh organic duck and hen eggs are available all week from our egg hut. 

Our address is:

Tory Hill House, Croom, Co Limerick. V35 WF43

Do you do specific orders?

Yes! If you would like to enquire about availability please email


  • Native Irish Black Bees

    In 2021, Hannah noticed that there were very few bees on her farm and a lower than normal apple harvest. She was worred that not enough was being done to support Ireland's native bee population and got her first hive - she now has three and can identify the pollen from wildflowers in the meadows where they graze cattle.

  • Holistic Grazing

    Tory Hill practices Holistic or Mob grazing which is a technique where wildflowers and grasses are given time to blossom and bloom. This allows pollinators and insects the chance to feed on them and helps to create layers of carbon as cattle trample the grasses into the earth. Cattle are regularly moved to prevent permanent damage to the fields.

  • Otter holt

    The family is fascinated by wildlife and are keen to create sanctuary areas on their farm. They have built ponds, erected bird boxes, planted native hedgerows and let meadows flourish. They've also built an otter holt! Hannah read a report from 1994 citing that otters were in the area but no one has ever seen any on the farm. Fingers crossed that will change this year!

  • Maisie, Myrtle, Myriam and Molly

    The four British Friesian ladies on the farm are the primary milkers and are inseparable. They have stuck together through various boyfriends and work related drama, and can regularly be seen in a collective group gossiping and eating. Hence why they've earned their Sex and the City spin off farm series.

  • Mrs Murphy

    Mrs Murphy is one of the 10 pedigree Hereford cows living on Hannah's farm. She is a big lady who loves her food but unlike her sisters on the farm does not enjoy scratches. She has lots of milk for a beef cow and has only ever produced bull calves but Hannah REALLY wants her to have a heifer to keep breeding from her line.

  • Mrs Goose

    Not to be outdone by the cows. We also keep a number of hens, ducks and geese on the farm. There has always been a Mrs Goose, and the name has stuck and passed to successive generations of mother geese. There is usually also a gander lurking in the mix who has been known to take on anyone from foxes to farm workers if they get too close to Mrs Goose.